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There was once a time, in all our lives, when stress and pressure were unknown concepts – when the world was simple and you lived every breath in harmony with the world. Disengage from hustle and bustle and enter an environment, where our expert and friendly staff are dedicated to helping you find that place, deep within, where beauty and tranquility still lives.

Indulge your inner-self and relax, as your senses take you on a journey of discovery deep inside to the you that you remember…



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Relax in a peaceful space which calms the eye
and leaves the visual turmoil far behind.

Our world bombards us with visual noise.

Flashing on our Computers, TVs and Smartphones; demanding our attention from Advertising Screens and Billboards; crowding in on us from Information Screens, in the Malls, on Buses and Trains, in the Street. Even our in our Homes, it is hard to escape the visual offensive.

At Senses Spa and Beauty, the décor is carefully designed with relaxation in mind. Soothe your eyes with gentle colours and calming images, chosen by artists and psychologists for their calming and uplifting effect.

Let the chaos of the city disappear, as you rejuvenate your sense of connection with the peace you remember from a slower time.

Or close your eyes completely, and let your other senses take over for a while…


Drift away into an ambient soundscape
and find place inside your mind, beyond the reach of the city chaos.

Constant and competing noise sources are one of the modern world’s most dominant stressors.

Everywhere we go, the voices of strangers, music (in our ear-phones, or perhaps not even of our choosing), machinery, traffic, the rumble of the train, the grumble of the bus – even children playing – interrupt our thoughts and fracture our concentration.

It can be frustrating – but worse, constant noise can have a negative effect on our health and well-being.

At Senses Spa and Beauty, you will experience a soothing and ambient soundscape, with music composed with relaxation in mind, and echoes of a more peaceful environment.

Leave the cacophony outside, and retreat to a place of quiet, where you have time to be alone with your silent thoughts…


Feel tension disappear, as gentle hands relax your tangled muscles
and soothe the tight anxiety from your neck and scalp.

The sense of touch is the most basic – and the most neglected – of our senses.

From the moment we are born – before we learn to make sense of the sights and sounds of our environment – we explore our world through touch. We learn love from the caress of our parents; we gain comfort from the tactile caress of something soft and warm.

Tension, stress and a harsh environment can make such comfort a distant memory – but it doesn’t have to be.

At Senses Spa and Beauty, our trained professionals understand the importance of touch. Under their expert hands, muscles relax; tension dissipates; aches and pains ease and disappear, and the comforting sensation of touch returns.

Massage is a proven de-stressor – and with reduced stress, we think better; we work more effectively; we have more ideas and feel good about ourselves…


Experience the aromas and the smooth sensuality
of essential oils that ease both body and mind.

Our sense of smell was the first of our senses to evolve. Because of the way it is processed in our brains, the sense of smell is tied more closely to our emotions and memories than any other sense. Babies learn to recognise the smell of their mother before almost anything else, and psychologists suggest that the shared attraction to the ‘mother-smell’ and ‘the baby-smell’ is Nature’s most important method of creating the parent/child bond.

This means that smells in the environment can have a remarkable effect – positive or negative – on our emotional well-being. The smells that promote positive and healthy responses are easy to identify – but unfortunately, they are not the ones that dominate in a crowded modern city.

At Senses Spa and Beauty, we use naturally-sourced aromas and essential oils (such as peppermint, lavender, sesame, rose, geranium, ginger, pine, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, lemon-grass and lemon balm) which have been proven to create positive emotional and psychological responses, as well as innumerable physical benefits, when breathed in or massaged into the skin.

Ease your body and your mind, by breathing in the bounty of Nature. You owe it to your emotions…


Taste the subtle flavours of peace in herbal blends
that soothe the palate – and the soul.

In a world dominated by fast-food and convenience, our taste-buds are dominated by the universal obsession with fats, sugars, salts and spices.

While much has been written and read on the dangers of obesity and unhealthy eating, very little discussion takes place about the value of the many types of tea and herbal infusions.

At Senses Spa and Beauty, we use a range of healthful drinks (including Chamomile; Ginger; Mint; Lemon Balm; Raspberry and/or Blackberry Leaf; Hibiscus, Lavender and Kombucha) for hydration and relaxation – all organically-sourced and a delicious way to maximise the benefits of ‘drinking healthy’.

Or, if water is your drink of choice, try our Senses Spa and Beauty exclusive: Volcanic Alkaline Water. This 100% Natural pH8+ alkaline water is not produced by a machine, but sourced from limestone caves and pristine waters of Mount Gambier’s volcanic Blue Lake in beautiful South Australia. Bottled at source this perfectly balanced Alka8+ Volcanic Alkaline Water is another healthy option for you to drink your way to a better mindspace…